More of Tote Bag #4!

I'm back to working on the tote bag collection and close to start selling the first four bags of the collection on the WVWDesigns Etsy Store. Here are recent progress photos of my work on tote bag #4 on the front of the bag.

NO MUSEUMS!! NO GALLERIES!! - Alternative Ways to Get Your Artwork Noticed!! 

Artist have many goals for their careers, but most artist have one goal in common and that is to get their artwork in a major gallery or museum and this can be a huge accomplishment as an artist. There are some artists who want to get their art noticed but don't want to go through major galleries or museums because it can get tricky.  In this video, I'm going to talk about alternative ways that artists can get their work noticed besides going through galleries and museums. Enjoy the video!

Spray Painted Painting - NEW VIDEO!

Ever since I have started creating YouTube videos, I have always had a unique filming wall which I film videos in front of. Every and now then I create new artwork for the filming wall and it helps the wall grow and viewers get to see my work. Usually, the artwork on the filming wall are created with acrylic paint, ink or markers. It's time to add new art to the wall, but I'm going to do something a little different. I'm going to create my own background for the painting using spray paint and instead of just having a plain white surface to create on. In this video, I'm going to show how I created the background and how I created the actual artwork. Hope you enjoy the video!

Completed Artwork!

Tote Bag Collection Painting!

For the past few months I have been working on creating a 12 piece collection of canvas hand painted tote bags which I will sell on the WVWDesigns Etsy Store. When I started the collection, I was only going to document my progress with each bag with photos that I post on this website and on the WVWDesigns social media accounts such as Instagram and Facebook. 
I decide to break my own rule and film myself working on the fourth tote bag. After I complete the fourth tote bag I will start selling the first four bags of the collection on the WVWDesigns Etsy Store. In this video, I will be working on the tote bag. Enjoy the video!

The Continuation of Tote Bag #4!

I'm still working on tote bag #4. I started working on it while filming the WVWDesigns YouTube video 'DON'T PUNK OUT!!' but I ended up talking more than painting in the video. So, after I filmed the video, I continued working on the bag. Here are some progress photos of my work on tote bag #4.

DURING FILMING (don't forget to SUBSCRIBE to the WVWDesigns YouTube Channel!)



DON'T PUNK OUT!! - New Video!!

Usually when I'm home and relaxing, I end up reading different articles online and sometimes I found an article that sticks with me. Recently, I was reading some articles online and I came upon and article written by a artist who is also an art critic. The article was based around a question he was asked by another artist and the question was “At what point should an artist give up?”.  That's all I'm going to say about the article. You will have to watch the entire for the entire story. Also, in this video, I will be working on the fourth tote bag that will be apart of the tote bag collection I'm creating. I hope you enjoy the video and can take something from it that helps you.


I was suppose to be working on the fourth tote bag for the collection, but I ended up talking more than painting. Here is what I got done during filming the video. 

Inside of tote bag #3

Currently, I'm working on completing tote bag #3 and starting tote bag # 4. When I complete four bags, I will start selling them on the WVWDesigns Etsy Store. Here are progress photos from my work on the inside of tote bag #3. Usually I put the day I'm on in working on the bag, but I'm not going to do that anymore because I lost track! LOL!!

Inside tote bag # 3 - Side 1


Inside tote bag # 3 - Side 2

.....not just for kids!

Hope everyone a good weekend and is ready for the new week. This weekend (well, Sunday actually) I filmed today's video early because it makes my Mondays so much easier. Anyway, remember when you were a kid and all the things you enjoyed doing? As an adult, how does thinking about those time make you feel? I hope they put a smile on your face and make your heart feel warm and fuzzy! :-D

When I was kid, I was very artistic child and sometimes that made its way off the page and onto my grandmother's apartment walls.  When I was young, I enjoyed all types of art and that even included finger painting. There is something about creating something with the tools you were born with that makes it so much fun! paints feel good on your skin.

In this video, I;m going to go back to my childhood and create a piece of artwork by finger painting. It's not going to be perfect but finger painting and creating whatever your brain is thinking is more important.

Enjoy the video!


Colors used in painting (Liquitex Basic Acrylic Paints)
My paint filled hand. I love it!!