.....not just for kids!

Hope everyone a good weekend and is ready for the new week. This weekend (well, Sunday actually) I filmed today's video early because it makes my Mondays so much easier. Anyway, remember when you were a kid and all the things you enjoyed doing? As an adult, how does thinking about those time make you feel? I hope they put a smile on your face and make your heart feel warm and fuzzy! :-D

When I was kid, I was very artistic child and sometimes that made its way off the page and onto my grandmother's apartment walls.  When I was young, I enjoyed all types of art and that even included finger painting. There is something about creating something with the tools you were born with that makes it so much fun!...plus paints feel good on your skin.

In this video, I;m going to go back to my childhood and create a piece of artwork by finger painting. It's not going to be perfect but finger painting and creating whatever your brain is thinking is more important.

Enjoy the video!


Colors used in painting (Liquitex Basic Acrylic Paints)
My paint filled hand. I love it!!

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