DON'T PUNK OUT!! - New Video!!

Usually when I'm home and relaxing, I end up reading different articles online and sometimes I found an article that sticks with me. Recently, I was reading some articles online and I came upon and article written by a artist who is also an art critic. The article was based around a question he was asked by another artist and the question was “At what point should an artist give up?”.  That's all I'm going to say about the article. You will have to watch the entire for the entire story. Also, in this video, I will be working on the fourth tote bag that will be apart of the tote bag collection I'm creating. I hope you enjoy the video and can take something from it that helps you.


I was suppose to be working on the fourth tote bag for the collection, but I ended up talking more than painting. Here is what I got done during filming the video. 

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